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Seminar for Doctors - CPD-forum Approved


Solution Focused Brief Therapy


21 February, 2011

Engineers House
The Promenade,
Bristol BS8 3NB
0117 906 4824

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Fee £150,-
Early bird £130,- (before 19th Nov)

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 Why Attend?

The skills you acquire will offer you a chance to further improve relations with patients and staff, colleagues and policy makers and help to improve your quality of life and ability to practice more effectively.



Be at the cutting edge and acquaint yourself with life-coaching and Solution Focused Brief Therapy.
In this workshop you will practice and experience consultation techniques that enable you to help patients to help themselves.


It is proposed that GPs will give a lifestyle plan to those patients who ask for one, with the opportunity for involvement of individual patients to actively promote self care.
This might look impossible within a ten-minute consultation but the answer to this can be found in a few easy-to-use techniques.
Many ailments presenting mental and physical symptoms are the result of stress.
Solution Focused Brief Therapy techniques and life coaching principles provide long-term solutions. This is due to shifting from being problem focused to solution focused.
These techniques help the Doctor to mobilise the patient’s own resources, making the patient independent of the Doctor.

Attendees of Dr. Havinga's previous seminars:

"I will feel more equipped when faced with patients who present with apparently insoluble problems."

"The exercises on establishing rapport were helpful and useful and I will certainly aim to practice them."

"It is very liberating to know that we do not have to be problem focused, but we can choose to be solution focused."

Experience Based Medicine
Dr. Wouter Havinga

Dr. Wouter Havinga brings his own experience as a medical practitioner to bear in delivering audience specific coaching.

He trained in Exeter and has worked in general practice since 1992 and worked for 9 years part-time with the drug and alcohol treatment service.

He has received training and gained extensive experience in Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Motivational Interviewing techniques and building self-esteem. He is also trained in NLP with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler and Life Coaching with Gerard O’Donovan.

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An extract from the book review by Dr Ranjna Garg,
Specialist Registrar, Leicester Royal Infirmary

"Life Is Wonderful, Make It Happen”

"The brilliance of Dr. Havinga is in writing this book from experience and passion for life."

"I have read several “improve-yourself” books; many made no change in my life, though some gave me hope. This one differs in a colossal way from the rest. Dr Havinga’s “Wheel of life” helps the readers in analysing their current life from the first chapter. He suggests small changes, which one needs to make for oneself. The author’s use of clever analogies in conjunction with real-life scenarios is interesting."

Buy your copy of the book at:

You receive a complementary copy of this book when attending the Seminar.

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Seminar Content

  • Establishing rapport with patients and staff using NLP techniques. Exploring and practicing techniques for mirroring behaviours to achieve more from communication. This will be illustrated with stories and examples.

  • Listening skills – attendees pair off and take turns to listen to their partner, discussing what they want to achieve, adopting behaviours that facilitate the process.

  • To understand and practice the key principles of :
    Solution Focused Brief Therapy Skills

  • The key principles of Life coaching.

  • Looking at drawing solutions from own experience. Change facilitated by a focus on positive elements, on positive statements on BEING as you want to, not on negative goals. This is not denial – just adjustment of focus to a positive intention, not reminder of what we don’t want in our lives.

  • The seminar is interactive, empowering you to understand and apply these techniques and enabling you to continue to use them for your ongoing personal and professional development.

Attendees of Dr. Havinga's previous seminars:

"I will use the method of life coaching on myself."

"Very enjoyable and heart lifting! I will definitely introduce these ideas into my consultations."

"Excellent day!"

   Improve Communication Skills
 Enhance Patient Satisfaction
 Understand the primary qualities of leadership
 Improve rapport with colleagues and patients
 Understand your core values
 Choose between fulfillment and stress
 Identify your goals and the path to achieving them
 Focus on your success
Revealing Questionnaire

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